VERSUS HEAVEN - Behind the Perfect Mask

Release Date: December 13th, 2010

(Casket Records)

Total Time: 50:18

How nice it feels to see  young musicians, talented and energetic as they are, ready to conquer the metal world, hailing from your own country!  VERSUS HEAVEN, is a five piece act formed back in 2004 by guitarist Mimis under the name BETRAYED. After the release of a self-financed demo of three tracks in 2006 the name of the band changed into VERSUS HEAVEN. The final line-up, with Kostas on the fronts, came to see the release of the debut full length album “Behind the Perfect Mask”.
Once you get to spin this for the first time you can’t help but wonder how the Greeks can regenerate so well this “oldschool” 80’s -90’s heavy sound! And it’s true that the band has loads of influences from ANNIHILATOR to ICED EARTH, only to refresh and re-create the old patterns with the fresh breath of the new. Without being too shinny or obsessive with their past musical heroes, delivering a mature, well played heavy metal with thrash metal touches here and there, VERSUS HEAVEN pleed guilty of being sharp, technical, melodic and… present!
The album contains ten tracks and sounds to any ear almost as if a concept one. The sound is solid, the musical style dives from heavy melodic riffs to speeding thrash attacks, while all of a sudden inspired melodies come when least expected to ease the pain and unfold the “drama” within the synthesis. The rhythm rotates like a broken clock and the surprise to the ears of the listener mellows the chaotic feel that time has no meaning…For that reason - meaning the creative and substantial synthesis - the hearing although the album is pleasant and breathtaking up to a point.
Don’t’ ask for a favorite or more catchy or even for the less interesting track… you won’t find one that is not up to the expectations… Depending on your likes though, if you search for melody you will dig “Angel Dust” or “Heartless Kill Machine” and if you crave for speed then you will enjoy the intro track “Betrayed” and “Art Without Pain”.

You want fast, melodic, heavy, old but new? Then you definitely want what’s behind the perfect mask of VERSUS HEAVEN

Georgia Bootsali


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